Singapore's leading International school is now in Tokyo

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GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music

We have launched the GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music with  India’s leading music composer–singer Shekhar Ravjiani. This marks the first of its kind collaboration to launch a focused programme that nurtures and mentors upcoming talent in the field of music using state-of-the-art infrastructure and futuristic technology. Students from GIIS' 21 campuses across 7 countries will benefit from this School of Music.

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“How can I join you? Want to learn!”

A school of the future crafted to meet the needs of 21st century through next level learning

GIIS is a multi-award-winning school offering a curriculum that nurtures 21st-century skills through a unique blend of holistic learning, well-qualified faculty, modern infrastructure and emphasis on cultural diversity and an international outlook. Our approach leads to stupendous academic results while honing our student's inherent talents and inculcating moral values.  The offer of a choice of curriculum - Indian or International - under one roof is definitely an added advantage.

With such a strong foundation in place, our students have gone on to be lifelong learners with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive world.

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Why choose Global Indian International School

GIIS has been recognised as an institution of repute due to its consistently high academic results, sporting achievements, alumni placements and achievements as well as recognition by international bodies in various quality circles.


Our efforts have been recognised by various national and international prestige organisations around the world, and we have over 110 awards in education excellence to our credit.

University Placements

Our accomplished students have been accepted in over 50 universities around the world, while our alumni have carved a niche in fields from banking to music.


Quality academics is our most robust feature, with over 50% of our students in every batch scoring 90% or more in CBSE board examinations

Holistic Educational Approach

Our award-winning 9GEMSTM holistic educational framework is based on one foundational concept: the importance of providing a well-rounded education to students that will make them academically strong, skilfully placed and morally upright.

Sports Excellence
Academic Excellence
Visual and Performing Arts
Personality Development
Innovation & Creativity
Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Universal Values and Ethics
Community  and Care
Skill Development
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Remarkable Global Community

Our extraordinary global community is one of the things that makes GIIS such an amazing place for students to learn, grow and develop into future global citizens. Each member of our community contributes to its vibrancy creating a remarkable synergistic effect.

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Hear what parents have to say about us

Pritam Pritu
Parent of Aniket Arnav

Thank you for understanding our challenges and interacting with us when we needed help in procuring the annual day attire for my son.  Small things like these have had a huge impact towards building a better and stronger Parent-Teacher relationship.

Shashank Bopalkar
Parent of Ira Bopalkar

I am thankful to you for taking personal interest in development of your students. Thank you for providing my daughter Ira with extra coaching in mathematics to clear her doubts. It's wonderful that you consider each of your student important and want them to do really well!

Rajani P
Parent of Brhas Srihari

We are very happy with Brhas's performance at school this year, especially in Olympiads. He is showing special interest in Maths this year.