Benefits of Choosing Best International Schools in Tokyo

Neyda Haq
May 18, 2021
Education Tips

Education gives children academic training and foundation that helps in their social, moral and emotional development. It provides them with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Given the many ways that a school affects the development of children, it’s not surprising that the one you choose for yours will impact their lives to a significant degree for years to come. As responsible parents, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice. Which school will help your kids achieve the best version of themselves? Which school will help them make the most out of their talents and skills? Which ones will hone them to the best of their abilities?

Asking these questions will help you narrow down the options for your child. With plenty of options out there, it’s not easy to tell which school is going to prove the best one. And by best, that often includes thoughts of an international education. There are a ton of benefits to sending your kids to an international school in Tokyo. One of them is Summer School Program, Some International Schools like GIIS provide this program to enhance their skills. If you’re giving this some serious thought, or if you’re relocating to Japan and are checking out options that will suit your school-aged children, then take a look at some of the major benefits of sending your child to an international school:

Benefits of Sending Your Child to an International School


An international school uses education styles that might be more aligned with what your children know or might even use the same curriculum that’s used in your home country. That makes it easier for your children when they transfer to the school in a foreign country. With the same curriculum, they won’t have as hard a time catching up as they would if you'd sent them to a local school. By choosing an international school, you’ll do a great deal to make your children’s transition period easier. That matters. 

Transferring to a new school, while fun, is also a stressful experience. Your kids will likely be sad after saying goodbye to their old teachers, classmates, and friends. If you can do something to ease the transition, do it. Take that step. Given the current situation, if your kids are adjusting to a new school and doing it in the midst of a pandemic, give them a break. They deserve that. Do what you can to help them and more.

Comprehensive Coverage

The best international schools offer comprehensive education that expands perspectives. That means children grow up with the mindset that exposes them to multiple cultures, races, religions, ideas, and more. Early exposure to this helps your children connect to different people. They recognize the importance of cultures and belief systems not their own and that creates students who grow up to be citizens of the world with multiple perspectives. They learn that there can be several approaches to any given situation which makes them expand their own horizons.  

This kind of mindset affects the way they treat others when they grow up. The knowledge that there are other races, cultures, and belief systems means that they are able to adjust well to any situation and can easily connect with people from different parts of the world. They’ll find it easy to work together in a team with a culturally diverse background. That’s an advantage that’s going to help them achieve success in their personal and professional relationships.

Language Skills

One of the best things about international schools is the language learning component of the curriculum. That means students learn another language. At schools like GIIS, students can learn a second language and can choose from French, Japanese, Tamil, and Hindi. If your children have an aptitude for language learning, they can pick up another language. They can choose between Japanese and French. The practical benefits of language learning are obvious, as learning another language gives your child an added skill. Knowing French or Japanese, for instance, opens up international doors for them when they seek out a college education or even when they think about a career. They could explore opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. With their fluency in another language, kids also grow up with better mental density and coherence, as bilingual children demonstrate improved brain development. Language learning lessons also help protect against the early onset of brain decline.

New Interests

The best of these international schools offers programmes that don’t just include STEM subjects. That’s one of the major complaints of kids the whole world over, that programmes are prejudiced or designed to support kids whose talents and interests lie in the sciences, technology, engineering, and math subjects. However, some of the best schools buck that trend, preferring to provide an integrative programme to its students instead. What that means is that the schools are able to create programmes that combine STEM subjects with the performing arts, writing, sports, and more. The result are children who are well-balanced, who have equal appreciation for both STEM subjects and the arts. 

Also, those with interests in STEM can explore artistic interests that could expand their mindset and knowledge. Also, those who love writing or the performing arts could gain additional and a much more in-depth training from these extra-curricular activities. These could turn that interest into passion. As they learn more about the subject, they might even discover hobbies that could turn into a lifelong career. 

Personal Development

There’s nothing quite like an international education. The curriculum and the way the lessons are taught—through teaching methods that emphasize the importance of having an inquisitive nature, of always asking questions, of never settling for failure—has a tremendous effect on the personality of the students. The students are given plenty of opportunities in class to discover who they are, to realize what they stand for, what concepts and principles matter to them, to understand what it means to be human. International schools don’t only focus on teaching students to surpass academic goals. They also teach a lot about how it is to live, that the most essential human tasks remain the same: to appreciate, to be kind, to be compassionate, to value emotional intelligence with academic excellence.

Teaching Staff

Students in international schools grow up to be explorers. They are taught to value curiosity and to be excited about possibilities. Only teachers who know how to nurture that energy in the young are able to impart both in their lessons. That’s another advantage that kids in international schools have. The teaching staff is often the best out there. 

Many of the teachers are there because they love kids and they are passionate about delivering a wonderful teaching experience. They are experts in their subject matters and can teach the subject with ease. They know the value of teaching, the power that a teacher holds, and how a single word or phrase could help a student or break him apart. They understand that teachers are partners with parents, and so they do their best to update anxious and overtired parents in a bid to work together with them to help every kid in their class. The teachers are also role models in the sense that they live lives that the students can emulate. They are careful to exhibit behaviour that the kids will take after.  

Career Prospects

Students in the best international schools have countless opportunities to seek out employment. For instance, some schools hold programs and events every year that allow students to mingle with investors or even giants in different industries. Those interactions make it possible for them to really dig deep and define who their idols are in the world, ask questions about the process that could lead them to a breakthrough or realization about the kind of work they want to do for the rest of their lives, what ideas they want to pitch to investors, how to get that done in a way that will get them funding support, and more.

These all have a positive impact on their ability to handle a job, to create a niche for themselves so that they could succeed in the jobs they want to pursue. Their educational background, their willingness to learn—a quality that’s been ingrained in them through years of schooling—all mean that they are in a unique position to create jobs in the market that no one else might have thought about or ever. They don’t just land dream jobs. Most of them have the capacity to create those dream jobs.


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