Guidelines for Choosing a Nursery School for Your Child

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Jun 21, 2021
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No doubt, making a choice is tough, but it can be made smooth with the correct information. And there are many parents like you who feel confused while navigating through the selection process of pre-school.

You have choice and flexibility on the one hand, while on the other hand, it can be confusing and stressful. Parents need to be informed as the quality of pre-schools varies considerably. The varied settings of child care have to be considered. 

Here are a few essential things to look for when you visit and evaluate a preschool program.

1. Schools Philosophy

Each pre-school follows a different style of education and philosophy. Montessori schools in tokyo are known for promoting independence, Waldorf schools are known for their creativity, whereas the High/Scope method takes an intentional learning approach. 

Each school sets its tone and has its way, and you need to bear this in mind. So, to find the most suitable method and philosophy for your child, do your research ahead of time. Choose a curriculum that uses the best teaching philosophy as per your child. You can count on a program like IB or CBSE Curriculum that helps develop cognitive, expressive and motor skills through its targeted programming.

2. Go on a site/campus visit

 You may want to go ahead and strike an institute off your list if a school does not allow you to come for a visit. Call to determine a mutually suitable time to meet and talk with the school's principal, director, or staff member. You can even tour the facilities and also ask to schedule a preschool interview with a teacher. It is best to find out if you can see an actual class-in-progress.

3. Positive and caring teachers

Trusting relationships develop with early childhood education. According to studies, children learn better, and their development is more advanced when teachers are positive and caring. You may find that positive teachers are always happy, excited, helpful and often look at the children smilingly. 

They may even hold their hand for care and support. Teachers understand and comment on what the child says or attempts to say. They answer children's questions and do not dismiss or ignore their concerns. Choose a nursery school where the teachers are nurturing. 

4. Interactive and Engaging ways

Observe how teachers interact with the child during class. Teachers should interact positively and more often. They must ask intelligible questions and help children think deeply, and encourage children to express. They must  praise the positive actions of the child and motivate them to learn.

Teachers can tell stories, read books, or narrate events. They are the ones who can allow children to make an active contribution to the classroom through art and craft, indoor activities, outdoor games, or any other activities. Some Schools like GIIS provides a Summer Classes Program to sharpen children's analytical skills.

5. Positive discipline and patience

Know about the discipline policy of the school and try to understand their style of inculcating discipline in students . Small children who are developing learning and social skills, need help in learning social rules and words to express disappointment. Positive discipline is what good teachers practice. They should apply discipline not by punishing but by explaining patiently. Choose a school that has caring policies for children and no physical punishments.

6. Transportation is important

You may have so many questions that need an answer. How will your child go to school? Will they ride the bus, or will you have to pick and drop them up? These are important issues though they may sound minor. Choose a school that provides a safe transportation facility if your home is not within walking distance.  

7. Infrastructure and Security

It is important to find out if the school has smart classrooms, well stocked libraries, labs or activity rooms. It’ll help you know better what kind of facilities your child will have access to in that school. Look out for the safety measures in place for kids around the sports facilities. Check if there is adequate support in the form of soft mats and supervision. 

Also make sure you know what are the measures taken by school to ensure the safety of your child. 

8. Adequate parental involvement

You would like to know how actively the school seeks parents' ideas as well as their help. Your participation depends on how actively you want to be involved in the school you pick. Some schools have a walk-in policy for parents, while some are very strict about parents visiting the school premises. Parents need to check on the interaction policy for parents and teachers. Inquire how the school keeps you updated about your child's progress. 

9. Enough time to play

It is incredibly important that children have enough time to learn through play. Often, this is known as very healthy playtime. It is part of the day when children explore many concepts in small groups. Find out how much time is given to children to play outside. Kids need to be outdoors every day, running, climbing, bike riding, etc. A good preschool would ensure that students are given enough time for outdoor activities.

10. The class timings 

The hours are important. Most preschool programs are for 3 hours only. Sometimes both parents work. So it's important to know about the timing and the operational hours of a pre-school. Choose a school that offers you the best facilities and arrangements in every aspect. 

11. Consider the Group size

Bonding within the class is essential for small children. Children should spend some time together as a class, often called group time. And teachers should share books with children and keep some time for children to play in small groups. Being in a small group of children and having one-to-one interaction with the teacher helps a lot. 

For the final word

No one can know your child better than you. Please spend some time thinking about what your child prefers. What kind of environment is conducive to their overall development? What are the factors which make them nervous, excited, uncomfortable or comfortable? Do they need more discipline or more freedom- or a gentle blend of both?

Things You can Ask Before Proceeding with the Admission of Your Kid 

Observe and talk to your child. So many things go in making the right choice. Each parent has a desire to choose a school that best suits their individual needs and unique goals. Hope the parameters will help you to finally decide on the preschool that can give your child the right start.


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