Key Advantages of GIIS Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship

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May 24, 2021

Scholarships help children with exceptional talent realize their full potential without worrying about their finances. At Global Indian International School, we offer many scholarships to our students to ease their monetary burden. One such scholarship program that is offered by GIIS is the Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship

The Global Future Ready Merit (GFRM) scholarship is offered to deserving and distinguished students. The scholarship offers an excellent learning experience that will help prepare a student to become a global citizen. 

Who is eligible for the Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship in Japan?

The scholarship is open to any student who is a citizen or a resident of Japan, or a dependent pass holder. The scholarship is available to both students of GIIS and students from other schools who wish to pursue their education at GIIS Tokyo.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

This scholarship is available to students from 7th grade till 12th grade.

It is given for two years. That is from 7th to 8th, 9th to 10th, and 11th to 12th. Different grades have different categories under which scholarship is awarded. And other categories offer an extra percent off on tuition fees. Please visit our scholarship page to know more. 


How will the Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship help with a student's career?

Getting awarded the scholarship is not a small feat- it not only shows the world how capable the student is. It also helps to boost the student's morale and motivate them towards academic excellence. 

Here are a few ways how this scholarship will help a student’s career: 

It gives an opportunity to bright students with limited financial means

The scholarship program provides every aspiring and deserving candidate with an opportunity to explore quality education. A bright child with a lot of potential will not be held back because of financial concerns. Also, since they are gaining important learning experiences, it will help them learn and deliver better results in their jobs. 

It gives a student access to more colleges

The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship will help a student easier access to reputable universities and prominent undergraduate programs of their choice. It will be easier to get admission in top colleges of the world, as it will give a competitive edge over other applicants. Getting into an Ivy League College will further enable a student to start with Fortune 500 companies or startups offering good salaries. 

A student becomes school ambassador

One of the terms of the scholarship is that a student is required to take on the role of a student ambassador or similar roles when representing GIIS Tokyo. They are required to participate in activities involving other students or education bodies. It helps build and enhance public speaking skills, which will help them to ace career related interviews. 


The scholarship will inculcate a philanthropic attitude in the students

Getting rewarded scholarships for their hard work inculcates a "giving back to the society" attitude in a student. As part of the scholarship, a student is required to participate in community involvement programmes. It will help them become more sensitive and empathetic towards society's problems and prepare them to become responsible leaders. They have the first-hand experience of how a little kindness could change their lives - this, in turn, encourages them to change others' livesPartc

It can set a student apart from their competitors in the future

It can show the student's potential to the world. As scholarships are awarded only to select deserving candidates- it sets the student apart. It tells the world that the student has been a high performing candidate since school. An early achievement of a good scholarship puts the student across as a distinguished individual. Additionally, a scholarship student undergoes many assessments and interviews before the scholarship is awarded. It prepares them to manage the expectations of their future employers, and develop a strong understanding of the relationship between expectations and deliverables. 

It can help with building a strong network

The lesser-known advantage of GFRMS is that it will help the student build a network of peers and educators who can help them. Students get to meet and interact not only with adults but also peers from different educational institutions, all of whom can teach them about technology as well as personal issues such as dealing with stress. They also enable students to interact with people from different backgrounds thus making them ready to deal with a larger section of society.  


It looks good on a student’s resume

Having good scholarships on your resume can set you apart in the eyes of your employer. It shows that the candidate has been hardworking and brilliant from a young age. It creates a persona of an individual who works hard to achieve results, which gives a GFRMS scholarship student an edge over other applicants.

The scholarships form a lifelong association

It forms a lifelong association with the education institution. The relationship is extremely beneficial for the student as it encourages a student to attend different workshops and training programs.

Now, if you are interested in the scholarship, here is how you can apply

To apply for the Global Future Ready Merit scholarship, follow the steps mentioned below.

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the scholarship-

1. Go on the scholarship page and click on Apply now under Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship.

2. Fill in the details and upload all the required documents.

3. After successfully applying for the scholarship- eligible candidates will get a message within ten working days.

4. Selected candidates will undergo a scholarship assessment.

5. If a student clears the assessment, they are required to appear for a one-on-one interview. 

Final Step: A deserving candidate is then awarded the scholarship

The scholarship is a grant given to a student for being a high performer. It is awarded to a limited number of students. In-fact, the scholarship helps a student recognize and understand their potential. When a student is recognised for their talent, they are bound to deliver exemplary work. It is a prestigious award and a student receiving a scholarship should be proud of their achievement. Educators and teachers are the ones recognising a child’s talent, and therefore, the Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship will foster confidence.  


Annual Gross family income bracket (YEN)

Value of Scholarship
(Waiver on Tuition fees)


Below 3,000,000




















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