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May 24, 2021
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As children are about to finish their primary education, parents start their search for a good middle years curriculum that can serve as a foundation for their higher studies. Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP), is one such recognised lower secondary curriculum at GIIS that gives a great start to their Middle Year Education.

What is CLSP?

CLSP means Cambridge Lower Secondary Program which is provided to Grade 6 to 8 (11- to 14-year old) students in GIIS. It has a broad choice of subjects, modern classrooms, teaching techniques to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in students. The strong assessment system helps to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of students before they move to IGCSE in Grade 9 and 10 (14-16 year old). 

The program is designed by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) a part of the University of Cambridge. This non-profit organisation delivers high-quality educational programmes that can unlock learner’s potential, prepares students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and love for life long learning. 

Cambridge programs are recognised by the world’s best universities and employers, giving students good opportunities in their higher education and career. 

It is currently adopted by 2,300 schools in over 130 countries worldwide. The curriculum encourages students to become confident and provides a robust foundation in various subjects like English, Maths, and Science.

Why choose Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme?

● CLSP is helpful for primary students who want to choose International Curricula.

● CLSP improves the learner's creative thinking, application of knowledge and problem-solving skills.

● CLSP lays a good foundation leading to an easy transition into the IGCSE curriculum.

● This framework provides a challenging and exciting environment for aspiring lifelong learners.

The curriculum of CSLP in GIIS International school

It offers English as a first language, mathematics, science, Cambridge Global Perspectives and ICT Starters. The curriculum is presented in 5 content areas or “strands” and it’s further divided into “sub strands”.

English: Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary

1. Grammar and Punctuation

● Reading

● Writing

2. Reading

● Fiction and poetry

● Non-fiction

3. Writing

● Fiction and poetry

● Non-fiction

4. Speaking and Listening

● Fiction and poetry

● Non-fiction

Students become confident communicators where they can apply all four skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening in their daily life.


It focuses on six areas of mathematics; number, algebra, geometry, measure, handling data and problem-solving.

The curriculum focuses on principles, functions,  patterns, systems which help learners to apply their mathematical knowledge and develop a holistic understanding of the subject.

Thinking and working mathematically is a unique concept of the Cambridge curriculum, which encourages students to view the world in a mathematical way.


This subject also has 4 content areas; scientific enquiry, biology, chemistry and physics. Scientific enquiry is about considering ideas, evaluating, planning and analysing. Other contents are focused on developing confidence and interest in scientific knowledge. 

This curriculum helps students to develop a long-lasting curiosity about the things in the world and will enable them to seek scientific explanations for the same.

Cambridge Global Perspectives

Students complete individual research on Global Perspective projects and then teachers and students discuss the skills that have developed throughout the programme and how to improve these skills.

This subject develops the skills of

● Research

● Analysis

● Evaluation

● Reflection

● Collaboration

● Communication

Cambridge ICT Starters

In this subject, the student acquires computer literacy and understands the impact of technology on our daily lives. ICT skills include computer programming, word processing, digital graphics, presentations, video/animation, eSafety etc

Why CLSP from GIIS International school?

GIIS Tokyo is a registered Cambridge International Primary School with a framework that provides students with a holistic education. By choosing CLSP at GIIS, students get to study an internationally recognised course under the guidance of experienced teachers, at an affordable fee.

All of the teachers at GIIS Tokyo are selected based on their credentials and their teaching methodology and most of them are  IGCSE certified and highly qualified to teach CLSP courses. 

At GIIS Tokyo, CLSP curriculum complements the 9Gems Holistic Framework 

which encourages academic and sports excellence, visual and performing arts, personality development, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership, universal value and ethics, community care and skill development. CLSP courses also encourage students to ask questions, be respectful and contribute to society.

CLSP Assessments 

It focuses on knowledge acquired during the course and its application in real life. At GIIS Tokyo, Highly Professional Teachers assess student’s knowledge applications, which help students understand their own strengths and weaknesses. 

1. Computer-based assessments help to identify student’s learning needs.

2. Classroom assessment where teachers give feedback on student’s skill sets and how they can improve their performance.

3. Progression Tests is an internal assessment that helps to check a student's knowledge, skills and understanding.

4. Checkpoint is an external test marked by Cambridge examiners to monitor individual and group performance at the end of the primary programme.

5. The feedback report is provided to students which have detailed and structured reporting of their performance. 


The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme provides a strong foundation to students who want to pursue any higher studies in International School. It is a blend of a knowledge-based approach and a competence-based approach.

In the present times, education cannot be limited to acquiring knowledge, but how it can be implemented in real-life situations. CLSP takes education to the next level by encouraging students to use their learning to solve daily life challenges. 


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