Know some Successful Tips to prepare for Senior High School

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May 24, 2021
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Congratulations on clearing your Grade 10 and for entering into the New Chapter of your life!

It’s natural to have endless questions in your mind and feeling nervous, but be assured that it will not be any different than your school. So here is the guide to prepare yourself for Senior high school and outshine others.


Tips to Apply Senior High School

● Pick up Top 5 Senior high school

Pick the top 5 colleges and apply. This is always better than applying to all colleges as you will be much focused on preparing applications for  the best high schools.

● Show SAT/ACT scores and Extracurricular activities

Good SAT/ACT scores and participation in Extracurricular activities can work in your favour to get you admission in your dream school.

● Read and Write

The more you read and write, the more you will set yourself apart from others. Good command of language and vocabulary will help you make a good impression on others which will be reflected through essays during applications.

● Showcasing community service projects

Showcase community projects that you have done so far which will make you a valuable candidate. Yes, do not involve in a community project just for the sake of it. Community service should be done without thinking of any benefit but if you have already done it and just by showcasing it if it’s helping you to add good value to your applications then you should go for it!


Getting admission to the top senior high school is a huge accomplishment, so celebrate!

Once you have achieved your goal by getting admission in Tokyo International School, you have to work smart in order to make the most of these crucial years!

It’s natural to get laid back after admission but it’s the right time to make the most of it. Everybody thinks of having a successful life but do you know where it starts from? It starts with your education; so it is important to be serious and get started. So here are a few important things to keep in mind..

Set Goal

Set your goal and start working on it. Setting your goal will keep you motivated and focused. Breaking your bigger goals into smaller ones can help you in achieving them easily. Goal-setting also develops critical thinking, helps you to manage time effectively; in short, it makes you responsible.

Make Planner

Making a Planner for yourself is the best way to stay organised and it also helps in taking small actionable steps. When you know what’s your next step it becomes easy to achieve your goals rather than sailing without the map.

Stop Procrastination

Procrastination at times is ok but make sure you are not overdoing it. Make a good network of friends that keep you motivated and avoid people who don’t.

Take Help from Teachers

Establishing good relationships with your teachers can help you during your tenure.

Their support and guide can help you  overcome your challenges.

Don’t be Discouraged

It’s natural that there might be some students who are better than you but don’t be disheartened or feel insecure. Be part of their group, develop friendship and learn from them.

Take advice from Passed out Seniors

Take advice from other seniors who have cleared their Senior high school, they can be your mentor who can guide you in your journey. 

Enjoy your Life at Senior High School

And last but not least enjoy our senior high school. Don’t let it be entirely taken by study and preparation. If you could manage well you would get enough time to actually enjoy your life with friends! 

Senior high school can be overwhelming at times but planning ahead will give you a stress-free start to an exciting new chapter of your life. 

Why GIIS - Tokyo International School?

Global Indian International School, Tokyo is a Top-rated school in Japan that fosters a positive environment with top-notch learning that strengthens student’s personality, capabilities, moral values which help them to be an all-rounder.

It is nestled in lush green environments with world-class and high tech classrooms, multicultural diverse communities and value-based education programmes crafted by top-ranked teachers.

GIIS is Tokyo’s international progressive school with over 150+ awards in education excellence. GIIS has 22 campuses across 7 countries(UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and India).

Their curriculum is considered as one of the best programmes available worldwide, which nurtures 21st-century skills. GIIS offers the top curriculums that are globally recognized and provide utmost benefits to students and freedom to choose a curriculum that fits their requirements. GIIS Tokyo ranked 9th among 16,000 CBSE Schools despite Covid-19 and ranked 1st amongst overseas CBSE Schools.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo

Curricula :- GMP, IB (PYP), CLSP, IGCSE, IB DP and CBSE

School Level:-Kindergarten to High School

Admission Process:-

School fees structure:-

Campus Tour:-

Book a Meeting:-

Admission Form:-

Contact:- Whatsapp:-(+81) 80 3609 1648 /  35696 7141 / 80 3725 4887

Address:- 8-3-13, Nishikasai, Edogawa Ku, 1340088

Timing:- 9.00am to 3.30 pm (Monday to Friday)


Annual Gross family income bracket (YEN)

Value of Scholarship
(Waiver on Tuition fees)


Below 3,000,000




















GIIS communications team

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