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Jan 7, 2023
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It’s natural to get thought “Why do we need to learn about introducing ourselves” as you have been already doing it and must have introduced yourselves many times.

However, knowing a few ways and tricks can help you to send the right message.

So let’s learn the art of Self-Introduction in English and get some more knowledge from the article so that students could introduce themselves more effectively.

What is Self-Introduction?

Self-introduction is simply the act of introducing yourself to someone.

When we meet someone new, we introduce ourselves or ask them to introduce themself. We might even introduce ourselves to hundreds of people at one go such at conference or seminars etc.

Introducing yourself means providing more information about yourself in simple, clean, clear and confident language. Not to forget the use of body language which helps to showcase your confidence.

What is the Importance of Self-Introduction?

Self-introduction helps other people to know about your identity, personality, and other essential things related to you. A good self-introduction should cover all aspects of the person as it creates a positive impression on others to have better connections in the future.

So let’s learn how to confidently introduce yourself and Tips and tricks of Self-Introduction in English for students.

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Tips for Self-Introduction

● Begin your introduction with a smile on your face as it creates a positive impression and greets the person or audience to whom you are introducing.

● Tell about yourself; name, place, family details, educational details, interests and hobbies if necessary depending on the type of situation for eg:- Interview, meeting, seminars etc.

● Do share about prior experience. skills and recreational activities especially during interview self-introduction

● Use a friendly tone like “Hi there, I’m…” in all other introductions except formal interview introductions where you might say “Hello, I am…” 

● Introduce yourself in a way that is approachable. 

● If you are introducing yourself to a big audience in seminars or conferences, it's always best to know your audience. There is no need to know them in person but t you should have an idea about who they are and what are they looking for. 

How to Introduce Yourself in Class as a Student?

Students’ worst nightmare is to introduce themself to a class full of other students, teachers etc but it can become a lot easier by following simple tips.

● Preparation is the key, so practice at home what all things you will cover.

● Practice in front of the mirror to work on yourself.

● Watch some videos which can help you to begin.

● Smile, Greet everyone and look around the room. 

● Create a relaxed atmosphere before you start.

● Begin with confidence, make sure to look around the room at all the faces watching you.

● Introduce yourself by providing details like name, place, brief background, your hobbies, and your reason for being here.


“Hi Everyone, I’m XX from “ place”. I’m attending this school or class because it has always been something I’ve been fascinated with or was looking forward to since childhood. I love meeting new people and going on trips to art galleries and I am more excited to learn more and gain more knowledge from this class. Thank you”.

“Hey, I’m Tommy, people here call me Tom. I grew up in India and lived there most of my life before moving to Dubai. I speak Hindi, Marathi, French, and English. I love gaming, and cricket as a sport. I wanted to learn Arabic so enrolled on this class or program.

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview?

Tips for Self-Introduction in English in Interview

When you enter the room, smile, and greet the person with a firm handshake. 

You can also state your name after greeting for eg:- “Hello Sir, this is “Name””

and you’ll already be good to start.

Listen carefully to everything so that you answer questions or ask questions. 

Let the interviewer speaks first.

Know or Learn five personality traits that you can use in a job interview.


“Hi, I’m XY from “place”.  I have done “Qualifications details”

I’ve always been passionate about “Job Profile” and related work” (and add extra details about degree related to job profile)

For eg:-I have done Masters in “xx” and it’s my wish to pursue “xx”. 

Share the experience if any OR say I know a great deal about it (do not lie, tell it only you know).

And then give details about how you saw the job advertisement.

For eg:-So when I saw your job ads on the “xyz website” then I couldn’t stop myself from applying”.

How to Introduce Yourself during Networking?

In networking it’s important to share details like what you do currently, what you’ve done in the past and what you want to do in future. 

In Networking you have to introduce yourself in a way where you can show yourself as a resource to others.


Hi, I’m XYZ from “place”. I do this “service” and in the past or recently i did this project and looking for opportunities to grow and help other people in the same business. And then later ask for the other person's suggestion or ideas such as

“Do you have any thoughts on how can I achieve that”.

How to Introduce Yourself to a New Class as a Teacher?

Introducing yourself to a class is challenging but not a difficult task. First impressions is important to keep it light, fun, and professional. 


You can begin by welcoming them. 

“Welcome to class! I was looking forward to meeting you”. I’m XYZ and I’ll be your teacher this year for the English subject.”

Share your interest and ask students if anyone from them has a similar interest in order to make it a little interesting and engaging or active.

“I love reading a good mystery book, so is there someone who loves reading mystery book”?

Sharing goals will help students to know what you will be doing or helping them with and then ask each student to introduce themselves so that as a teacher you get a better understanding of each student or know them in person.

 “And my goal for this year is to help you become the best English speakers”

“So now students please introduce yourself one by one so that i can know you better”

How to Introduce Yourself in a Casual Situation?

In casual situations, make the introduction short and light so that there is room for follow-up questions. 


“Hey there,” “What’s up?” I’m XYZ, I moved to this area couple of days ago. So how long have you been staying here?

How to Introduce Yourself in a Meeting at Work?

Here you have to get straight to the point; So start with a greeting and then share the purpose of the meeting.


“ Good afternoon everyone! I’m XYZ from the business development team and I will be sharing the data which we have gathered for so and so product.

How to Introduce Yourself Professionally?

“Hey there, I’m XYZ, I’ll be working with you on this project”. So how are you doing? Do let me know if you want to know anything about the project”

Benefits of Self-introduction

Self-introduction helps to build a positive impact or leave a positive impression on others.

● Helps to build connections

● Improve self-confidence

● Improves presentation skills

● Leaves powerful or impactful impression

● Helps in building deep understanding and positive thinking habits

● Improved communication skills will be of great help in CLSP 


In order to give the most engaging, impressive, clear and concise introduction, students had to do a lot of work. Tokyo international school recommends students know the situation or type of introduction (formal or informal) along with the details with whom they are going to talk; as it will be of great help in providing the right introduction. Students must prepare and practice introductions until they are completely comfortable with them.


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