10 Productive Activities For High School Students During Summer Break

Isobel Lynn Lee
Mar 14, 2022
High School

Summer vacation is one of the most awaited breaks for all schoolgoers.

It is a much-needed break as students would have worked hard and especially for the final exams that would have been held just before the summer break.

But for parents, it is a matter of concern to find ways to keep their children busy.

In Japan, the academic year starts in April and ends in March the following year and the summer break starts from the end of July to the end of August.

This break is similar for primary school, middle, and high school. High school in Japan is for three years for students in the age group of 15 to 18 years.

High school in Japan is not mandatory and entry into it is basically through entrance examinations.

It is an important phase for students as they are the crucial two years to prepare for higher education.

Summer break should be effectively used by them to explore more on their interest in higher education and to start developing their portfolio by taking up internships, projects, pursuing their interests, etc.

International schools in Tokyo offer various activities in school for students to explore their interests or talent be it in sports, academics, culture, or many more categories.

Even during the summer vacations, students can participate in these activities as a daily routine, or the schools conduct camps for the benefit of the students.

Parents are more comfortable enrolling children in school-based activities or camps as the students would be familiar with the environment, teachers, and at their convenience.

High schools in Japan provide holiday assignments for students, it would be an added benefit if the students are otherwise productive to be physically and mentally active.

10 Best Productive Activities For High School Students

Below is a compiled list of productive activities that can be useful for high school students:

1. Project-Based Activities

High school in Japan is basically for 11th and 12th-grade students wherein they need to learn the practical aspects of the streams/courses they have chosen.

The best way is to involve themselves in small-time projects related to their subjects that would give them an in-depth knowledge of the subject and how to prepare and present a project which will help them in future education.

2. Activities Of Your Interest

To get a break from the monotony of studies, participate in activities that interest you like sports, music, dance, art, cooking, baking, exercises of any form, etc rejuvenates you and keeps you mentally and physically active.

In this way, you can also learn a new activity that makes you feel happy and satisfied.

3. Join Clubs, Groups, Or Communities

Today there are so many avenues for students to develop skills and knowledge.

So many options of meet-up clubs are available online where people of similar interests get together and discuss, innovate and brainstorm ideas.

You have meet-up clubs related to reading, technology, healthcare, business, shopping, and more.

Explore your interests and also you can create your clubs, communities with friends related to your interests.

This will help you in growing your contacts and enhance your communication skills.

4. Take Up Internships

Be it paid or unpaid, take up internships and explore your strengths and weaknesses. See what field interests you, be it marketing, sales, writing, research, or anything.

This will give you clarity for choosing your career path and boosts your portfolio. Most of the start-ups and multi-national companies offer internship programs.

Go ahead and explore them and this will prepare you to face real-world challenges with ease.

5. Participate In Competitions Or Events

Apart from schools, various other platforms conduct competitions and events exclusively for students.

Competitions like essay writing, poetry, drawing, debate, etc will help you in improving your skills and knowledge and will boost your personality with more confidence.

6. Be Tech-Savvy

Digital is the future of the world. With anything and everything at your fingertips being tech-savvy is very important.

Join coding classes to know how to handle the digital tools, try building your app or a website, learn the latest computer languages as this would lead you to better career opportunities in the future.

7. Join Summer Schools Or Camps

There are many summer schools and camps that keep the students engaged throughout the summer break.

These schools organize various activities based on the age group of students. In these summer schools, students across the nation and globe participate.

Interacting and bonding with students of different backgrounds will give the opportunity to discover various cultures and teach students the importance of sharing, caring, and togetherness.

8. Explore Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Wear your creative caps and start your own business with minimum investment.

Learn how a business works and what are the essential skills go in running a business. Talk to like-minded people and explain what it is that you want to start.

A plethora of online resources can give you the required support. With this, you can grow your entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

9. Travel

Traveling is an interesting activity that many of the students would want to do.

Travel to a new place and discover the culture, food, and people of that place. This will help in broadening your vision and learning and exploring new things.

Go for educational tours or visits like the various monuments, temples, museums, art, and culture exhibitions that will practically make you understand what you have learned.

10. Take Up A Language Class

English being a universal language, it is very important to learn a new language that will not only showcase your language skills but also gives more scope for good career opportunities.

French, Japanese, English, German and Chinese are the languages in high demand in international and multinational companies.

Final Thoughts

Best of the international schools in Tokyo give immense opportunities for high school students to develop their skills and build their personalities through summer break activities.

Participating in these activities will enable students to be more creative and do out-of-the-box thinking that will help in better learning and face future challenges confidently.

Connect with your school faculty to understand better what activities to take up during the summer break that can help in your learning or future choices. Make the best use of time during your summer break.


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Isobel Lynn Lee

Ms. Isobel Lynn Lee holds a BSc. in Biological Sciences (Exeter), PGCE (Oxford), and M.Ed in educational leadership and policy from Monash University, Australia. The research in her Masters degree included how the IB Theory of Knowledge programme could be used as a platform for teaching sustainability and critical thinking. She leverages this when teaching IB Biology or working with students and teachers to support TOK and the IB World Studies extended essay. Her passions lie in the environment and equality and as a UN Global Schools Advocate she is working with the teachers and students to promote sustainability in the school. She is currently working as the Deputy Head of the International Curriculum at GIIS. Outside of work, she enjoys being with nature, observing the biodiversity of flora and fauna in Singapore through walking and volunteering.

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