Importance Of Teaching Values And Ethics To Primary Students

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Jan 2, 2023
Importance of Teaching Values
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There is a famous quote on Character and Value, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; when a character is lost, all is lost”. - Billy Graham

Having moral values means having a strong roots. For the trees, having a healthy root means having healthy leaves and branches. And for the people having a strong root of healthy values means having good thoughts and healthy life.

Moral values are important components of any individual’s character and they should be taught right from childhood. The importance of teaching values to children is that it helps them to choose the right way.

Moral values give a child the right direction which helps them to get accepted and respected by society.

Choosing the right international school for primary education is the best way to inculcate good values in children as they spend crucial years of life in school. But being parents, it is your responsibility to build these values into the lifestyle of a child.

What Are Moral Values?

Moral values are the key components of a person's character. It guides people to make decisions and judgements. It gives them a sense of what is right and wrong. Moral values can vary from person to person depending upon this upbringing, and the environment they are raised in.

Right Time To Build Moral Values

Early childhood is the best age for character building and helping children learn the importance of values. It is said that the learnings of childhood stay with children throughout their life. It helps them to follow it as they grow and get inherited them and stays with them for the rest of their life.

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Importance Of Teaching Values

Values reflect what is important in life. They are personal guiding principles that guide our behavior in all aspects of our life.

Let us understand the Importance of teaching values to kids.

1. Strong Character Building

A strong character/personality is made by the virtues and values that kids learn during their early childhood. It lays the foundation for the future.

Good Values such as Kindness, Modesty, Honesty, Equality etc should be inculcated in children which can guide them to the right path in life.

Every parent wants their child to move in the right direction and follow the right path all their lives and make a name for them in society.

Qualification and Intelligence are important but a good character is essential which can make any personality stand out from others.

The early years of children need special care and putting them in the right preschools is necessary so that the Importance of teaching values is taken care of.

2. Helps To Understand The Difference Between Right and Wrong

The virtues help kids in differentiating between right and wrong. They can conclude scenarios and understand whether it is morally correct or not. It helps to make the right decisions in life.

3. Helps To Stay Strong

Moral values help in building a strong character from childhood. Good values and beliefs help them to be strong in any situation and inspire them to work hard for the results and do not let them give up.

The importance of teaching values is that it prepares their mental conditioning and strengthens their determination to overcome tough conditions and situations.

4. Boost Self Confidence

The Inner peace and relaxation that one achieves from giving/helping others cannot be compared to materialistic happiness.

Children learn how good things can help others and in return, they also feel the joy of helping someone in need.

This happiness boosts children’s confidence and motivates them to do more such good work. This self-confidence helps in all walks of life.

5. Helps Children To Stand Up Against Injustice

When children know what is right or wrong, they can shape the perception of others.

The importance of teaching moral values to students helps them to stand for themselves and others when an injustice is happening.

6. Teaches Children To Think For Others

Teaching kids good values and responsibility help them to think from others' perspective and help others. It might also help them to know their purpose in life and what good things they need to do for others in society.

Moral values help people to be more selfless and put the needs of others before themselves.

How To Teach Moral Values To Kids?

1. Be Their Role Model

Children see their parents, teachers and other close ones and learn things from them. So it is our responsibility to be their role model and set a good example in front of them.

Teaching morals and values in the classroom and at home such as helping others, appreciating others, showing gratitude for the good things, cheering others, sharing experiences with them etc.

When they see all these things followed by you, they themselves will take initiative to learn and follow it in their life.

2. Teach Them Moral Values

The Importance of teaching values through minute things which makes difference for eg:- talking politely, controlling anger, having patience etc.

You can take the help of youtube videos and other resources to teach lessons and examples of moral values.

Remember to encourage them to practice it regularly so that they get the habit of it. Even if they miss it sometimes, it's your responsibility to remind and help them.

3. Share Moral Stories With Valuable Lessons

Examples are the best way to teach them things easily. Share the example, stories of good values followed by Indian leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and also share the story of people who have done unethical things and what were the consequences as it will help them to learn from them.

4. Give Them Scenarios To Help Build A Good Character

Give your child scenarios or situations. It can be real-life situations or take probability or assumptions.  Ask them what they would do in that situation and correct them accordingly.

5. Check If Your Kids’ School Has Value Education

Many international schools have Values Education subjects where they teach children good values and virtues such as:- 

● How to Live in a community and work in collaboration together?

● How to Respect others?

● How to Care for the environment and surroundings?

● Having a sense of self-worth.

Gone are days when schools focused only on academics, Now schools focus on teaching values to students, the overall development (Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional) of the children. They help them to acquire knowledge and skills and learn the art of helping society and communities.


The Importance of teaching values to your children today will determine how they will behave when they become adults.

It is our responsibility as parents to provide moral education to our children as early as possible. It may seem that it is too early to teach the importance of ethics to students.

Children learn ethics, but teaching from childhood the sense of fairness, sense of honesty and other good values will help them to follow in their life as they grow and it will stay with them forever.

Remember kids are like sponges, they will absorb everything from their environment. So make sure to set a good environment at home where they see or hear good things.


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