The Virtual Class Experience by the Best International Schools in Tokyo

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Jul 24, 2021
Virtual School

Right from a virtual tour, to school admission enquiry form , the admission process and online education, best International Schools in Tokyo have adapted wonderfully to the virtual world 

The past few years, online or virtual learning which is an alternative technology driven learning pedagogy has seen a sharp rise. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, as the aftermath of the outbreak, the whole world has come to an unexpected halt and online learning has now become the go to learning method because now the learners are rendered homebound and can't go to the school physically.

The current situation throws limelite into the virtual learning methods like never before. The international schools in Tokyo have successfully leveraged virtual classrooms in order to continue with their learning activities almost at the beginning of the pandemic in the country.

The Synchronous and the Asynchronous Learning in the International Schools in Tokyo

The process of virtual learning in these international schools in Tokyo could be bifurcated into 2 groups, one, synchronous and the other one, asynchronous learning. While synchronous learning is the real time methodology where the students experience something which is very close to the traditional face to face learning process done in the class. Asynchronous learning incorporates the utilization of recorded learning materials like instructional videos as well as course materials which offers the students to study at their own pace. 

Synchronous virtual classrooms are designed to bridge the gap that is created because of the closure of school. It also adds significant value to the process of online learning through addressing a student’s requirement for social interaction and thus, affects their psychological well being as well.

The Indian International Schools in Tokyo and its Advanced Virtual Learning Pedagogy

These international schools in Tokyo, at the outset of the pandemic had launched virtual classrooms where the learners would be able to continue with their lessons despite the lockdown. These virtual classrooms aim to aid students to overcome whatever challenges Covid-19 has brought upon. These high schools are all extremely technologically advanced seats of education and they conduct these classes through advanced video conferencing technologies which allow all its students to continue learning from the comfort of their homes.

These global schools have invested as well as incorporated a large number of educational technologies in order to help deliver the optimum learning experience to each and every student. Their virtual classrooms are specifically created in order to facilitate quality learning as well as teaching methodology and allows students to have uninterrupted learning experiences.

These international schools in Tokyo allow dynamic exchanges of ideas through various activities which are real time in nature. These schools, which offer some of the best schooling experience in the entire Singapore, have successfully adopted various innovative teaching methodologies which the learners would be able to take advantage of in order to maintain their own pace of learning.

Virtual Classrooms and their simplified methods of teaching and learning

The Indian international school's virtual classrooms are very easily accessible to all the learners of this school. All a student has to do is simply click on the virtual classroom link within the school's portal which is absolutely secure in nature, and instantly he or she is instantly connected with his/her classrooms, peers and teachers. These learning systems have futuristic learning methods that are developed by the research and development department of these Indian international high schools.

The great thing about these learning systems is that they successfully let all its learners stay up to date with all their classes even if they fall sick or miss the class for any particular reason. Unlike going to the traditional school where the child getting ill means that they will lose out on precious classroom lectures, here they can join the virtual classrooms and continue their process of learning like they are actually inside the classroom, despite being unwell. 

Highly Interactive environments

The virtual classrooms presented by these international schools in Tokyo are very interactive. They boast of digital aids like smart board displays so that a student can properly follow whatever the teacher is teaching. The video conferencing facilities of these schools are extremely user friendly. They have advanced sound technology so that it becomes easier for the teachers to provide greater flexibility to each student. The school portal could be logged in and accessed through mobile phones, tablet, laptop as well as computer, making the process of learning a continuous one, where all the students are able to keep up to date on whatever the class is progressing

The International Schools in Tokyo : The Virtual Classroom Benefits

The Versatility as well as Access to all the Learning Materials

One disadvantage of physical classes is that if a student is not able to attend it on any particular day then they would miss what is being taught during the class. However, with the virtual classroom setup of these schools, the students are able to attend these classes from anywhere. They also have the option of accessing the learning material in a very simple way and all they need is an Internet connection and a smart device. Also, these virtual classes are recordable and they can also be archived and that is the reason a student is able to revisit any particular lesson at their own convenient time and learn the chapter at their own pace.

In regular, physical classes, teachers utilise lectures as a teaching pedagogy. But this format runs a risk of turning a student into a passive learner because the focus is always on the content that is being taught and the students are expected to work on their own in most of the cases. With the virtual classes offered by these global schools, the students have enough time to go through the chapters and comprehend what they have learnt. These classes provide a platform where one on one interaction between the learners and the teachers can happen and it allows them to interact in an equal way through active participation, communication and collaboration. They also promote social learning which is based on the behaviour modelling theory of a child.

School Admission Enquiry Form

So advanced are these schools technologically that they have the provisions of availing the school admission enquiry form in their apps as well as websites, apart from collecting it physically. The school admission enquiry form could be filled online with all the necessary documents saving a parent from a lot of hustle. 

Some of these wonderful attributes of virtual learning are being appreciated by parents, teachers and children and have helped them learn new innovative methods that are advantageous to all. The school admission enquiry form for top International schools in Tokyo is now just a click away and the whole admission process has never been this easy.


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