Why Choose the IB Middle Year Programme (MYP)?

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Jul 24, 2021
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When students are in a secondary school, they are very close to creating and following their path to having a better career. It’s where they innovate with their curriculum and explore the various options that can lead them towards a great future.

The Middle Year program, offered by International Baccalaureate Schools is the best framework to create a strong foundation. Keep scrolling down to know why you should choose an IB Middle Year Program (MYP) for your intermediate studies.

What is the IB Middle Year Programme?

 The IB Middle Year Programme (MYP) is a Five-year program for children of age 11-16 years. The IB School allows them to make wise choices and know the difference between practical life and studies. After completing MYP, students are compatible with Career Programmes and Diploma Programmes provided by these schools.

The MYP curriculum of secondary school provides children with eight subject groups that are diverse and help them learn broad aspects of life.

The subjects provided are:

1.   Language and Literature

2.   Language Acquisition

3.   Individual and Society

4.   Science

5.   Mathematics

6.   Physical Education

7.   Arts

8.   Integrated Design

Many questions arise when you decide on an academic program as it will pave the path for your future career. Here is a breakdown of reasons why you should choose the IB Middle Year Programme


Reasons to Choose IB in Secondary School

1.   Students learn to apply concepts to Real-life situations

Basic school study materials consist of solutions that are impractical now. With the growing modernization, the classroom material is not relatable anymore. In the IB MYP, students learn about different cultures and ideologies. They will learn how others express their feelings, practical solutions to modern problems, and concepts that you can apply anywhere in the world.

2.   The International Baccalaureate Middle Year Programme is Globally recognized

The IB Middle Year Programme (MYP) is globally recognized. There are over 1,319 schools in almost 108 countries that provide students with an opportunity to be a part of MYP. Since MYP is grounded in real-life concepts, it encourages children to grow as individuals, adopt rational thinking, and be enthusiastic about their future.

3.   Scientific and Technical innovations

The IB Middle Year Programme helps students to apply scientific principles in their day-to-day life. It helps children to know the impact of nature on humans, how humans adapt to the environment, and how technology concepts can be put to practise.

4.   Students have more opportunities to grow

Most IB schools have very small-sized classrooms for MYP as they want to give exceptional facilities to the students. The benefit of having small classrooms is that every student gets the opportunity to participate more in events, sports, and debates. They allow exploring more about themselves and their skills. It helps them know more about their interests and gain more confidence in their talents.

5.   They get the maximum support they need

Ordinary secondary schools do not observe the needs of an individual student. However, IB MYP aims to support the student by attending to each of them individually. They focus on their weaknesses and strengths and teach them as per their needs. They treat them as an extraordinary individual. This strategy helps them grow as a better individual and gain more confidence in themselves.

6.   The IB MYP is created to prepare students for higher studies

The IB Middle Year Programme is solely meant for children who are pursuing intermediate schooling. The program prepares students for their higher studies like diploma programs or grades 11 and 12. It helps them know more about the assignments and style of assessment they’ll face in future while teaching them about their interests.

7.   The Middle Year Programme covers a versatile range of subjects

The Middle Year Programme of any IB school has a versatile range of subjects for its students, which allows them to excel in different fields. It has subjects like science, maths, arts, and athletics. They connect different subjects that help the student to learn skilfully. With such variety, students will learn more about their capabilities and interests and help them choose a better career for themselves.

8.   Students learn invaluable life skills and ethical principles

The IB Middle Year Programme teaches textbook knowledge and teaches life skills that can be applied anywhere. They teach students to be good citizens, respectful people, and open-minded to accept everyone regardless of their background. They teach students to think critically and be experts in decision-making. Such life skills are vital for a better future and personal growth.

9.   Students are encouraged to reach their highest potential

The International Baccalaureate Middle Year Programme encourages students to find themselves and know their purpose in life. With the extensive support of the teachers, staff, and peers, they learn to be more confident and help them reach their highest potential. They help them grow as a positive and healthy individual. Graduates of IB MYP are seen as more hardworking and open-minded. They are successful in their career and all parts of their life.

10. Students are a part of the continuum program

Students who are a part of The IB Middle Year Programme are on the path of creating their future and preparing themselves for university. The MYP program does not devastate children with heavy studies. They comprehensively equip students for higher studies by broadening their knowledge earlier in their Primary Year Programme (PYP).

11. It helps in having a stable future

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Year Programme was conceived by the International Schools Association (ISA). It has been used widely by the USA, Europe, and Asia. With the aim of personal growth and practical knowledge, it is an excellent opportunity for students to have a better and stable future. Where students learn about skills that are relevant in the global field. All these practices help children look forward to a better life.

It is said that a healthy environment creates a healthy mind, and a healthy mind results in a delightful life. To study from an international school that helps in practical life and deal with situations rationally is essential.

A secondary school is a place where you get very close to making life choices for your career. Hence, selecting the right school helps you with career counselling and guidance alongside excellent education.


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