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GIIS Higashi Kasai is located amid a lush green environment. It provides excellent infrastructure and superior quality teaching methodologies for the entire development of children. We believe that for a student to be successful in their learning journey it is important to provide them quality education and outstanding facilities. It is our pleasure to guide the visitors with the relevant information. Come and experience GIIS Higashi Kasai Campus Tour !

The campus is the home to our CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Indian Curriculum for the elementary and Middle School. 


Primary school teachers have a big responsibility of shaping a student’s personality to help them mature from the kindergarten stage and get ready for the higher secondary stage, all the while maintaining the awareness of teaching impressionable minds who are still developing. Our teachers are qualified with the right degrees, both academic and non-academic to deal with these challenges. They provide academic support, introduce students to the right methodology to study better and the best guidance to excel in whatever they do. Our subject teachers and class teachers are renowned for teaching students the right values and correct methodology to be ready for their high school.

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Through our facilities and holistic pedagogy and at par with the best international schools in Tokyo, our primary graders get an education that will prepare them for the rigours of higher education with ease.

Our interactive learning spaces, and our well-qualified faculty ensure that students find education fun and motivating enough to want to attain more of it. We make everyday classroom education fun, and interesting enough to engage the curiosity of students and give them a better understanding of the process and their own goals in life.

Our curriculum is well-thought out to ensure that academics and skills go hand-in-hand and they are ready to take on newer challenges to ensure greater growth in later life.

This is part of our 9 GEMS holistic education framework that balances learning activities with the right mix of knowledge gaining and deeply enjoying the process.

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