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Value Added Programmes

Adopting unique approaches to education is what we do best at GIIS. Rather than structuring the learning around a strict curriculum, our educators focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive and innovative citizens of tomorrow.

Our approach is to initiate specialised programmes across all campuses which empower students and teachers with  information, technology and assessment resources.

Functional Classrooms

Our classrooms are fun-based, student-centric spaces that enable a deeper understanding of subjects through methodologies like role play, manipulatives such as puzzles, blocks, markers etc., and other forms of student participation.

Each classroom is digitalised with a touch screen monitor for easy access to content online.

Project & Activity Based Learning

Project-based learning and activities are a great way for our students to have a hands-on experience. We encourage collaboration, co-operation and research in our educational framework, which teaches our students the art of respecting different opinions and builds on their conflict management and presentation skills.

Integrated Technology in Learning

We believe in moving with the times, which is why we harness technology to enhance learning. Having software labs in Maths and English are a part of the academic infrastructure, while our emphasis on virtual classes gives students a chance to learn from worldwide experts in the field. Tools like the Google Classroom and platforms like the Khan Academy tutorials are put to best use.

Global Student Exchange (GSE)

Being a technology savvy school, we incorporate this platform in as many projects as possible. One of them is Global Student Exchange, under which students from different countries research on a single idea and present their findings to each other. This engagement, through video-conferencing, teaches students to be good at research, good at presentation and to learn from each other. It is an interactive way to prepare our students for bigger challenges like global competitions.  

7S Analysis & Detailed Assessment

Our award-winning proprietary pre-emptive evaluation tool is called 7S. It is a unique analysis that measures the continual improvement of students in 7 areas, phases and sections of learning. In parallel, a topic-wise formative assessment tool, called Detailed Assessment (DA), is implemented which tests a student’s conceptual knowledge and helps identify any learning gaps.

Extra & Co-Curricular Clubs

We have a wide array of clubs from sports to hobby to recreation to enable students to indulge in self-exploration. Sports like cricket, football, chess, basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, etc.,  Students also get to experience the rich culture of Art, Dance, calligraphy, singing, language/ science clubs etc.,

Cartoon drawing

Visual Art

Carnatic vocal

Performing Art

Pen calligraphy & Calligraphy

Visual Art

Craft club

Visual Art

Pianica & Japanese song

Performing Art


Performing Art

Spelling and speeches

Performing Art

Kathak Dance form

Performing Art


Visual Art

Spanish club

Performing Art


Performing Art



Bollywood Dance

Performing Art

General knowledge

Performing Art

Girls' Hiphop

Performing Art
These specialised programmes are just a small example of the calibre of innovative thinking that we bring into the educational process for all of our students. Learn more with a tour of your closest GIIS campus, as you consider the best approach to your child’s education.