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GIIS Higashi Kasai is located amid a lush green environment. It provides excellent infrastructure and superior quality teaching methodologies for the entire development of children. We believe that for a student to be successful in their learning journey it is important to provide them quality education and outstanding facilities. It is our pleasure to guide the visitors with the relevant information. Come and experience GIIS Higashi Kasai Campus Tour !


Our Kindergarten teachers are carefully handpicked based on their personal history, their educational background and their emotional maturity. Passion is another important aspect we look for in a preschool teacher as well as the patience they show in dealing with students of that age. Teachers are well-versed in blending the right amount of technology in modern day teaching which ensures that young students get both hands-on and activity-based learning experiences. 

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Our classrooms are designed to meet the requirements of young and curious minds who are constantly seeking stimulation and new experiences. We provide these through props and toys, as well as learning materials that help students extract the best learning outcome necessary for a developing mind.

Infrastructure like Montessori Lab, audio-visual rooms, smartboard-enabled classrooms, a spacious library, music room, multipurpose hall, Yoga room etc, add to the progressive offerings which help students learn better in a happy and safe environment and it is no wonder why GIIS is considered one of the best international schools in Tokyo.

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Learning Outcomes

Through our facilities and holistic pedagogy, we offer a good foundation to students right from the time they start their schooling years. Our early years are dedicated to molding students into self-learners and curious individuals who take special interest in knowledge gathering and evolve each day.

Our curriculum is well-thought out to ensure that academics and skills go hand-in-hand, and through activities, play and care for the surroundings, we teach our students to be well-rounded learners who are ready to face challenges of education years in later life. 

This is part of our 9 GEMS holistic education framework that balances everything from excellence in education, to excellence in sports, to imparting of universal values & ethics, developing of personality for our students.

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