How Children Build their Learning Skills in Tokyo Montessori Schools

Melissa Maria
Oct 29, 2021
Montessori School

Though the Montessori curriculum was originally created for underprivileged kids, private schools were the first ones to imbibe this approach in their preschool curriculums.

In the earlier days, Montessori schooling was an expensive affair that was provided to children who came from higher strata of society. However, that seems to have changed drastically over the years as the robust Montessori curriculum has made its way into public schools in many countries.

The reason why most schools trust this curriculum is because its hands-on method of learning is very beneficial for a child during his/her formative years.

International Schools in Tokyo

Let’s understand more about schools and their vision to adapt to the Montessori approach to provide their students with a holistic learning experience.

International schools in Tokyo have a collective vision to help children grow into responsible and loving adults who have the right blend of academic skills, life skills and emotional intelligence to adapt to the 21st-century environment.

Considering the number of complex situations that the world faces every other day, it is important for the next generation to have the right skill sets and a diversified approach when it comes to handling complex issues and challenging situations.

Therefore, Tokyo Montessori schools strive to provide a prepared environment to students who can engage and excel in their age-appropriate academic learning like reading and writing and also pick up key skills that will help them grow into global citizens.

Therefore, learning skills at an international school has many advantages which are what is needed in the current educational environment. A school should provide a whole lot of advantages to a child and should be an active learning environment where there are people filled with positive attitudes and futuristic mindsets.

How do Children Build their Learning Skills in International Tokyo Montessori Schools?

Now let’s look at how the Montessori approach can help your child build important learning skills that will help them form a strong foundation in all areas of childhood development.

A Perfect Environment To Help Your Child Concentrate and Pick Up Concepts Quickly

This is one of the most positive features of a Montessori classroom that aid in effective child development. A typical Montessori classroom will have children of mixed ages who are actively concentrating on their activities and trying different ways to achieve their objectives.

The classroom is lined with many different activities that are highly stimulating and that are designed to pique the curiosity of a child that age. The teacher plays the part of a guide and not that of a teacher who is constantly telling the children what to do and what not to do. This positive relationship between the teacher and the child is that of respect and consideration for each other.

The teacher observes how the child is learning his/her activities and only interferes when it is really necessary. This mutual understanding helps children build self-confidence and the yearning to learn something new by using their own efforts and at their own pace.

Sensory Play To Encourage Children To Explore Their Surroundings

You must have heard about the five senses that include touch, smell, taste, hear and see apart from other senses like movement, coordination and balance.

A typical Montessori curriculum has many sensory activities to aid children to refine their sensory information that will help build nerve connections in the brain pathways which eventually help in better problem-solving skills and complex learning skills.

Sensory play is a great way to enhance a child’s memory power too. 

Group Activities that Lead to Better Collaboration

A person’s success is gauged by how well he or she can handle a team and how her collaborative efforts are in terms of handling challenging situations. This key skill called collaboration is considered a survival skill that leads to effective leadership at a later point in time.

The Montessori classroom is an inclusive environment where children group together and learn new activities and concepts with a collective effort. There are puzzles, building activities and other fun physical activities that need children to work together amicably and cooperatively.

This is a wonderful approach to help children warm up to each other and build better relationships both inside and outside the classroom.

Cleanliness, Discipline and High Regard for their Learning Environment

Montessori classrooms are clean, organized and coordinated very well and the children play an active role in maintaining this environment. There is a sense of structure and stability and children often imbibe these qualities both inside and outside the school environment.

Children are taught to clean after themselves and arrange things back in place in an appropriate manner. They are taught to respect their tools and activities which are handled with care and caution.

They are also taught how to walk in the right manner while carrying these tools back to their storing places and how to be sensitive to their surroundings and to their peer groups.

Other Advantages of International Schools in Tokyo

Apart from the above features that most traditional Montessori curriculum offers, International Tokyo Montessori schools also have other plus points and strengths that can further enhance your child’s learning to a large extent.

To begin with, they have all the facilities that cater to a child’s extracurricular needs. There are virtual laboratories and libraries to encourage children to explore new concepts.

The guides and teachers are well qualified to impart the Montessori curriculum in the correct manner and these schools also believe in including parents in their child’s learning process which aids in better teacher-student-parent interactions.


Having learned the best features of Montessori education, one can now make an informed decision with regard to the perfect curriculum for your child’s preschooling. Also, it is important to understand that not all schools that provide the Montessori curriculum are genuine.

To put your doubts to rest, you can opt for a virtual tour or a Physical Campus Tour that will help you understand the extent of the Montessori approach the International schools in Tokyo are practicing!


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