The Best International high Schools in Japan & How They are Doing Things Differently - Tokyo Edition

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Jul 24, 2021
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As a parent you must always want what is the absolute best for your kid and education is one of those decisions of their lives that that you will have to take on behalf of them. Needless to say it is also one of the earliest of their life decisions and the most significant of all because the school and the ambience that they will get into will eventually create the person they will become in the future. Thus, a school has a great role in the development of the personality, psychology as well as behaviour of a child. That is the reason it is imperative that you choose carefully and wisely. As a parent you must not settle for anything that is less than the best for your kid and that is the reason the Indian international schools of Tokyo are undoubtedly the best International high schools in not only entire Japan but the whole of Asia. These international schools benchmark their unique pedagogies and curriculums to the ones that are best available globally.

These International Schools Fosters Positive and Liberal Environments

Considered to be pre-eminent high schools not only by the parents but also the students alike, these educational institutions foster environments which are extremely positive and liberal, where the children can experience not only top level learning to strengthen their  academic careers but also grow into global  personalities who will reflect the cultural education and values they have imbibed from these international schools. The aim of these schools is to teach each of its students leadership qualities, innovative techniques as well as entrepreneur skills that will mould them into such men and women who would be able to lead the world in the future.

Even when the COVID-19 has rendered the world inactive, it has not been able to stop these Indian International Schools from making history because many of them are emerging as the leaders, ranked overseas among other top international schools.

The Multiple Awards Won by These International Schools For Their its Unique Pedagogies

These high schools have been winning multiple awards and are extremely progressive as they offer curriculums which develop a student so that they reflect the right skills that are required for their survival in the 21st century. In spite of the turmoil the world is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these schools have made hitherto unknown history by winning accolades on the Global platform where these schools were judged according to their academic results and over all performances. 

These International Schools Procuring Global Rankings 

Some of these international schools further made history when they became those rare overseas international schools in the whole world which were featured in the list of top CBSE school rankings in more than 600 affiliated schools which are operating out of India. The ratings were done by the board on the basis of the results that the students of these schools exhibited during their Grade 10 examinations.

These outstanding academic outcomes are a sign that the Japanese parents who support the Indian system, have accepted the quality of CBSE and international curriculums as well as the methodologies adopted by these Indian international schools in Tokyo. 

These awards are the reflection of the deep commitment to excellence that all these Indian international schools have. 

Japanese Community Showing Respect and Acceptance 

Since its first footprints in the nation, the Japanese community has shown a lot of respect  towards the international and CBSE pedagogies that are mostly adopted by these schools in order to deliver science, technology as well as maths education. The parents trust that these schools impart knowledge that is of a very high quality.

Since it has gained a lot of experience and fame in the country, these schools have a lot of knowledge on how to educate thousands of students who are stretched across all the international school campuses in Tokyo. These students hail from different nations from all over the globe and come together to study in these schools' nursery, primary as well as secondary school programs. These schools are rare amalgamations of students who are hailing from different racial, religious, national backgrounds and undoubtedly some of them are becoming one of the largest consorts of local Japanese students as well as expat children.

The Holistic Educational Pedagogies Adopted by These Indian International schools

These Indian international schools of Tokyo are also renowned international schools that have adopted a hitherto unknown unique holistic educational pedagogies which they implement through their holistic education framework which have won multiple awards for their excellence.

The aim of these frameworks is to emphasize both on academic as well as non-academic development of a student because each of these high schools believes that the all-around development of every student can only be attained if that student's academic as well as co-curricular and extracurricular development is also given proper importance. For giving proper importance to the extracurricular activities as well GIIS Tokyo has initiated the idea of a Summer Program in which they focus on many extracurricular activities.

These rare honors that are being betrothed upon these schools in Tokyo, are definitely the result of the complete dedication of these global seats of education to offer quality education to all their students.

Acceptance of These High Schools by the Quality Conscious Japanese Society

The Japanese society and the people of Japan come from the line of an ancient heritage that always believed in quality. The Japanese ecosystem is quality conscious and the fact that these Indian international schools in Tokyo are procuring global rank is proof that the strength of these kinds of methodologies and curriculums have been aptly identified by the Japanese parents and CBSE and the international schooling modules have successfully found deep roots in its culture systems.

Pioneer of Complete Virtual Learning Model

The fact that these kinds of schools are also extremely technologically advanced adds to its attraction because when the Covid-19 first hit in February 2020, some of these schools were the first to launch complete virtual learning to all its students along with a 50-50 learning virtual model.

These top reasons make Tokyo International high schools one of the best among top schools in the world. And the fact that the Japanese culture believes in perfection, these pedagogies have been successful in implementing the best form of education in these schools.


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