Selecting The Best Elementary School For Your Child In Tokyo

Aug 16, 2023
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Making the best choice for your child's primary school lays the groundwork for the rest of their academic career. In the lively city of Tokyo educational possibilities are everywhere. It's critical to make an informed decision to ensure your child's success and well-being. 

This blog will help you choose the best elementary school in Tokyo by covering issues like knowing your child's requirements and looking into your possibilities. Let us guide you in detail on points like visiting the Best Elementary schools and evaluating the curriculum. We will also explain about taking the school atmosphere into account and navigating the admissions process before you make a firm decision. 


Understanding Your Child's Needs

Understanding your child's particular requirements and preferences is essential before starting the process of choosing the ideal elementary school from Japan's elementary school education system. Think about the following elements:

● Learning Style Assessment: Assess your child's learning style to find out whether they benefit from organised situations or whether they would rather learn more flexibly and experientially.

● Social and Emotional Considerations: Take into mind your child's social and emotional growth while making decisions. Smaller class sizes or more specialised help could be beneficial for some kids.

Understand both the points from your prescriptive and your child’s. This will help you make the right choice for them that you won’t regret.


1. Researching School Options for the Best Elementary School 

If your child has foreign nationalities, you need to follow the same rules that the residents of Tokyo follow. However, to provide them with the best you need to consider a better section of Best Elementary schools for top grade education. To get the best for your adjusting child, you need to consider international schools.

● Bilingual and International Schools: If your child comes from a diverse background or you're interested in an international education, check at schools that offer multilingual or international programs.

There are many Private elementary schools available too, although the scope from international schools would be on the next level. Scan through the programs available there to understand the school choices better.


2. Elementary School Visit and Exploration

Here are the things you need to do to get a better idea about the Best Elementary schools in Tokyo you can think of approaching for your kid.

● Open Houses and Tours: Attend open houses and school tours to learn more about the learning environment. You can also meet instructors and get a firsthand look at the school's amenities.

● Talking to Current Parents: Make contact with the parents of students already enrolled at the school. Their perspectives and experiences can offer insightful data on the school's community and culture.


3. Curriculum and Programs

All international schools provide different sections of education. Here are the points you need to think about to get a better idea about Elementary school curriculum and programs.

● Core Subjects: Check the curriculum's alignment with your child's educational objectives. Focus on the fundamental topics, such as maths, science, language arts, and social studies.

● Enrichment Programs: Find out about extracurricular activities, music, physical education, and other programs that can help your kid grow more fully.


4. School Environment and Teaching Philosophy

The environment of school and teachers also set a different kind of experience for students. Get a perspective of these points too, before making a firm decision on Japan's elementary school education system.

● Teaching Philosophy: Recognize the instructional method and teaching philosophy of the institution. While other colleges place more of an emphasis on experiential learning, some stress conventional approaches.

● Diversity and Inclusion: A varied student body and inclusive atmosphere can enhance your child's educational experience. Therefore, take into account the school's dedication to these issues.

● Class Size and Teacher-Student Ratio: More individualised attention and a better learning experience are frequently the results of smaller classes and lower teacher-student ratios.


5. Location and Commute

The next thing that needs your attention is location. A lot of time and things goes through for kids while commuting to and fro form the Best Elementary schools. Keep the below points in mind:

● Proximity to Home: Consider how close the school is to your house because a shorter commute can help you relax and have more time for family activities.

● Local Community: Take into account the neighbourhood where your child attends school since it can have a big impact on their social and extracurricular activities.


6. Admission Process and Timeline in Elementary School in Tokyo, Japan

It's essential to comprehend the CBSE school admission procedures for a seamless transition to elementary school:

● Application Requirements: Learn about the application criteria, including the necessary paperwork, submission dates, and any admission examinations or interviews.

● Admission Criteria: Learn about the requirements for admittance, which may include things like academic achievement, interviews, and evaluations of your child's preparedness in terms of their social and emotional development.



It takes careful consideration and planning to select your child's top elementary school in Tokyo. You may make an informed choice that puts your kid on a route to academic and personal success by taking into account your child's needs and researching school possibilities. 

Get valuable insights by touring schools, analysing the Elementary school curriculum and programs. It will also help if you gauge the school climate and comprehend the admissions process. 

If you are seeking the Top Elementary Schools in Tokyo, Japan, GIIS will be a great option to look at. Our admin department will provide you with all the insights you require before making a choice. Get all insights and admission details you need through our website for your kid’s better start.



How Do I Know if A School's Teaching Style Suits My Child's Learning Needs?

You can assess if a school's philosophy fits your child's requirements by learning about your child's learning preferences and visiting potential schools to witness their teaching techniques.

What Extracurricular Activities Are Available For Elementary School Students in Tokyo?

Sports and music are the common extracurricular activities included in elementary schools. There are also arts and other clubs among the many extracurricular activities offered at primary schools in Tokyo.

What Role Do Parents Play in Their Child's Education At Elementary School?

Attending parent-teacher conferences and helping with homework are the basic roles a parent needs to follow. Even engaging in extracurricular activities are all ways that parents may be actively involved in their child's education.

Are There Resources Accessible In Tokyo's Primary Schools For Kids With Unique Learning Needs?

For kids with unique learning requirements, many primary schools in Tokyo provide resources and assistance, including counselling services and special education programs.

Are There Financial Aid Or Scholarships Available For Elementary Education in Tokyo?

It's important to enquire about these choices throughout the admissions process because certain institutions could provide scholarships or financial assistance options.


Annual Gross family income bracket (YEN)

Value of Scholarship
(Waiver on Tuition fees)


Below 3,000,000





















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