10 Benefits Why Students Must Get A Summer Job And 13 Summer Job Ideas

Isobel Lynn Lee
Jan 16, 2023
Summer Job For Teens
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Summer jobs are a must-do for all the students. It’s not only about the money one can make, it gives the students a sense of self-sustainability. Moreover, it helps students in cracking interviews in later stages of their life.

Tokyo International School teachers always encourage students to take summer jobs because of the various benefits it provides to a student’s growth. Students get better at utilising their skills and managing their time more efficiently. They grow more confident about themselves.

Moreover, students who have already decided which field they want to pursue may apply for a job in the same field which will help them build experience and a viable network for their career.

10 Benefits of Taking a Summer Job

1. Encourages to Explore

As a teenager, working at a public swimming pool, mayor's office or a local restaurant will provide you with a better understanding of yourself and your working habits as well as your professional goals.

It's possible their job path may shift, but the lessons they acquire now will serve them well in the future. Part-time employment might assist a teen in discovering and honing in on their inherent talents and strengths.

Work-experienced Japan High School students are more equipped to make well-thought judgments regarding coursework, majors, and career paths when they enter college.

2. Adds Value to Resume

For many teenagers, it's unclear what a CV is, why they need one, or what to put in one. Resumes aren't often necessary for adolescent employment, but having one may help you get one.

Summer jobs provide teenagers with the opportunity to get valuable work experience that will look well on their resumes when they return to school in the fall.

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3. Sense of Self Sufficiency

Jobs help students to develop their maturity and with it comes a sense of independence. Parents often try to manage their kids’ lives so that their kid follows the right path.

However, it’s essential that they make their own decisions. They may face hurdles on the road they chose, however, it is essential to learn from the mistakes they make.

4. Build Communicative Skills

Parents often wonder if their kids can handle relationships with their boss and coworkers properly. Teenagers are hard to communicate with, however, jobs push them to communicate with strangers on a regular basis.

This provides them with a wonderful experience of client handling and develops good communication skills. It can be tough for students, however, they should understand the importance of communication skills as it is essential while they attend group projects in college.

5. Confidence Builder

It is natural for one to have insight into their skills and talents. However, they may lack confidence in their ability to perform. Teenagers need practice in making and learning from errors. Working part-time will surely provide you with the opportunity to do so.

A reputation isn't formed just on one's ability to perform; it's built on one's willingness to attempt new things over and over again. This builds self-confidence in teens.

As a student, you are expected to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety. The student's success depends on their self-assurance, so work with them to help them get it.

6. Extra Savings for College

Students, whether from secondary school or high school, who work part-time are likely to save much of their college expenses all by themselves. In this way, they can borrow a lesser amount for completing their college degree and can live, travel, and purchase essential books at their own expense.

7. Develop Money Management Skills

If you don’t earn, you won’t have the maturity to know the worth of money and how to manage it efficiently. When a student starts earning, parents must teach them how to manage it responsibly.

It is feasible for teenagers to learn about money management, automobile expenditures, and college costs by setting up a budget using their own money.

8. Valuable Job Experience

Resumes become more valuable when a college degree is accompanied by job experience.

Students who have experience as part-timers exhibit much higher experience in working efficiently which makes them highly eligible for jobs. Moreover, they perform much better in interviews than freshers.

9. Learns to Manage Work-Life Balance

Having to balance employment and education is challenging, but this experience can teach you valuable lessons. Students who work as teenagers get a taste of what it's like to be an adult who is always juggling several different obligations.

10. Opportunity to Connect with People

Jobs create opportunities for students to meet people with viable professional networks. Their mentoring and recommendation plays a huge role in getting enrolled in good colleges. In the future, students can utilise these contacts in creating a good professional career.

13 Summer Job Ideas for Students

There are several jobs students can apply for in the summer. So, here are a few of the great summer job ideas for students to start with:

1. Babysitting

Babysitting is a high demand job in the summertime. The warmer the month, the higher the demand for a nanny.

Students can spend their day attending to the child and take them for a walk at a park or take a stroll in the neighbourhood. The job is simply to take care of the child while enjoying the beautiful weather and still getting paid.

2. Summer Camp Guide

The most popular idea for a summer job is being a summer camp counsellor. Generally, students get the opportunity to go out to different places and lead exciting outdoor activities. Students develop leadership skills and learn to communicate better.

3. Horticulturist

If you are a green enthusiast, gardening might be just the job you want to have. Plants need trimming and tender loving care in summer as it’s the peak time for their growth.

If one doesn't have the talent for growing plants, they can mow the grass. This way you can beautify your neighbourhood and earn some extra bucks.

4. Summer Trainee

Taking up internships is one of the most effective methods to gain significant work experience as a student while also getting their foot in the door at top firms.

The availability of summer internships at medium and big enterprises is nearly universal, despite the fact that many positions are now accessible online as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

5. Bartender

University students who want to work in the bar industry might find plenty of opportunities during the summer months when more establishments are set up for business.

In order to beef up their resumes, entry-level applicants may find work at a bar with no experience. In addition, you will earn money to go toward paying off your study loans at the same time.

6. Private Tutor

Students can help struggling young students with their studies on summer break. There are several students who had difficulty in ending their current year and feel unconfident about their next semester. Tutor them to the subjects you know the best.

7. Lifeguard

Lifeguarding is one of the most popular summer jobs. It is a job of saving the lives of the injured or drowning people once in a while. The pay is good, and students can enjoy building a nice tan. 

Students can apply for community pools or even ocean beaches for the job, however, the job is seasonal and lasts till summer ends.

8. Restaurant Attendant

There is a huge demand for workers in restaurants who are opening their extensions. The restaurant attendant jobs are not seasonal and one can continue even after the summertime is over.

Students get to develop customer handling skills, communication skills and how to work as a team.

9. House Sitting

What can be better than getting paid for sitting in someone’s home? 

House sitting is easy, has a low-stress level and is considered one of the best summer jobs. You only need to maintain the house while they are out on their summer vacation. You need to do daily chores such as water plants, clean shelves, receive packages and mail, and simply relax when all is done.

10. Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is a fun job and typically people love doing it. All you need is to help out pet owners in walking their cute pets around the neighbourhood while enjoying the cool summer breeze and earning some extra cash. 

If you are not up for the dog walking job, you can apply to animal shelters to work. These animals are the neediest of all creatures as they have no home. Teachers encourage students to apply for such jobs as it enriches their emotional value.

11. Handyperson

If a student is good at handling mechanical tools they can take on large projects like painting, decks building or cleaning yards and fields. That’s not all. They can clean cars, and windows, fix plumbing issues, fix computers, and even install appliances in the kitchen.

12. Farmworker

Students can help out as a farmworker in local businesses. They get to pick ripe fruits, maintain crops and assist with deliveries.

13. Golf Caddie

Working as a golf caddy might be a great summer career option for those who live in more affluent suburbs.

You'll need to know a little about golf before you apply, but you'll be going around with a golf club bag for hours on end every day. It will help students to stay fit and get an envious tan.


As you can see, summer jobs have immeasurable benefits. It helps students to grow better and develop confidence in themselves.

Summer jobs help students not only to know about their strengths and weaknesses but also help them to gather real-life experience. It helps to hone the skills and teaches them to maintain a work-life balance.

Part-time jobs teach students the value of money for which they learn how to manage it efficiently. Several students save up for their college expenses from the jobs they do. Moreover, these experiences add immense value to the resume while applying for jobs after college.

There are several jobs available both on a part-time and full-time basis. Among them, few are seasonal. Students who have already decided which profession to chase can apply for summer jobs in the same field which will help them to gather valuable experience and make healthy professional networks.


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Isobel Lynn Lee

Ms. Isobel Lynn Lee holds a BSc. in Biological Sciences (Exeter), PGCE (Oxford), and M.Ed in educational leadership and policy from Monash University, Australia. The research in her Masters degree included how the IB Theory of Knowledge programme could be used as a platform for teaching sustainability and critical thinking. She leverages this when teaching IB Biology or working with students and teachers to support TOK and the IB World Studies extended essay. Her passions lie in the environment and equality and as a UN Global Schools Advocate she is working with the teachers and students to promote sustainability in the school. She is currently working as the Deputy Head of the International Curriculum at GIIS. Outside of work, she enjoys being with nature, observing the biodiversity of flora and fauna in Singapore through walking and volunteering.

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