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GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

Students in Japan are no strangers to travelling long distances to get to school. Some travel up to two hours to reach their school campuses. Students usually take public buses and trains, and have to change the line several times to reach their destinations, but now because of the pandemic, most schools are taking classes online. After the students complete their junior high school education, students attend schools that are based on standardized high school entrance examination test scores. However, private high schools create their own examinations because of the difference in curriculum. It requires a lot of thought and analysis of all factors. Selecting a school which enables the child to have a global approach is a must and benefits them in the long run. As foreigners, expat students have the same rights to attend free public schools just like native Japanese students. Public school instruction is in Japanese, so some expat families may like to opt for private or international schools so as to continue their child’s education in English or their home language.

Although, parents should consider the private international school’s lopsided fee structure, which is usually five to six times more than that of the public aided schools. Whether you enroll your child into the public school or private school, they will most likely be influenced heavily by the Japanese education system’s strong emphasis on learning together, moral values and a well-rounded social development. When comparing educational quality across the globe, Japan consistently ranks in the top five countries. Even though International schools are expensive schooling options in Japan, some expatriate families may want to find a school in Tokyo for their child’s future as learning can be tailored according to the child’s special needs. It is no surprise that most of these international schools are concentrated in globalized cities like Tokyo, Yokohama and Kobe because of the maximum presence of foreigners.

The best International school that stands out with their senior high school education in Japan, being a bang for your buck is as follows:-

GIIS (Global Indian International School) Tokyo

GIIS has been preferred by several parents and ambitious students looking for international as well as Indian schools. Despite the Covid-19 turmoil, GIIS has been able to obtain the trust of a multitude of parents and students by emerging as a top ranked number one, overseas CBSE school, and 9th amongst 16000 CBSE schools worldwide. GIIS has twenty two campuses across 7 countries with 150+ prestigious awards till today for its best practices in the education sector. The school is a multi-award winning and progressive international school in Tokyo offering a curriculum that nurtures 21st century skills. The students are given the freedom to choose a curriculum that fits their requirements. 

They aim  to provide students with the right school environment, premium education, outstanding facilities and personalized attention for their growth & learning. GIIS offers the most advanced academic curriculum to set students on the path of excellence. The curriculums at GIIS, Tokyo are developed after meticulous and in depth research in order to achieve the final purpose of meeting the individual needs of each student, that helps improve the students in their creative thinking abilities, problem solving skills and application of their knowledge. It is designed to ensure the students of a strong foundation as the education programme at GIIS has equipped many of their students to join leading universities across the globe and get excellent grades.

 The school campuses have a spectacular ultra-modern infrastructure with high powered teaching and learning technologies that are nestled between lush green environments, the campuses are designed with world class facilities, high tech enabled classrooms, a multicultural diverse community and value based education. 3 of those campuses are in Edogawa Ku, Tokyo, Japan and they are known as Nishi Kasai Campus, Higashi Kasai Campus and Seishincho Campus. The school’s futuristic vision, driving missions, intrinsic core values, self-challenging policies and quality objectives have sustained it over the past decade amongst its competitors and will continue to do so as they get closer to their dream of becoming an international standard of educational learning and a benchmark for international schools in Japan.   


GIIS knows that no human is perfect, but can aim to achieve an ideal amount of conviction in life through abiding by some core values which are in the essence of all that the school does and promotes. These values drive the school’s actions and help set priorities in every student’s life. These values shall guide the stakeholders’ decision making and make effective evaluations of success in the academic and practical life. The school creates multivariate inferences to manage with Information and Metrics before changing or adding to their curriculum or organizational management style. This helps the institution to fact check in order to understand what works or does not work for the smooth functioning of the school. Global Indian International School believes in instilling the ability to move swiftly and easily in the face of a challenge through exercises that demand intellectual acuity with Agility and Adaptability. Because of the school’s diversity and integrated learning systems, they focus on making the students adaptable under any given circumstances. 

The school prides itself in following honest disciplinary practices that raise their students to show integrity and honor ethicality in their work. Mugging and appropriation of data work is not acceptable in any assignments given to the students as it is detrimental to their learning and negatively enables students to not put solid efforts. It is often said that it is necessary to mind one’s attitude or outlook towards situations. It becomes more important that the knowledge or information one imbibes. A successful person is the one who constantly has the right attitude toward his or her work. 

Therefore we believe in Attitude before Knowledge. GIIS guides its students to maintain a good attitude wherever they go, as this value will affect them throughout their lifespan. The school’s faculty puts a lot of effort to give personal attention as a mentor to each of its students, so that they may receive full support and are coached on matters that may require an experienced person’s expertise. It is important to not downplay how an educator can make a lot of difference into their student’s life. Sometimes a coach can help a leader identify their key skills and strategies to polish them into successful entrepreneurial individuals. At GIIS, students are urged to work in teams in order to propel inspiration in work by enriching themselves or their teammates through shared information on available matter. This pushes students to learn how to peacefully collaborate and accept, present or discuss one another’s views on the same. GIIS strongly believes in creating an enthusiastic learning environment for the leaders of the future so that they may immerse themselves in the syllabus that they’ve opted for while placing their arguments and being curious about various topics and its views, thus creating an ambience of learning for everyone.

Learn more about the school’s levels of education on the website link given above; for admissions and enquiry click on


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GIIS communications team

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