5 Things You Must Do For A Quintessential High School Experience

Isobel Lynn Lee
Feb 25, 2022
High School Experience

Success has a different meaning for everyone. For one student it could be earning a high GPA score, while for another it could be getting elected as the Head Boy/ Head Girl of the school.

For curious students, it could be gaining plenty of knowledge about different subjects and topics, whereas for a few students it could be participation in extracurricular activities to kick their passion.

No matter what your definition of success is, the techniques to achieve it are the same.

This post highlights the 5 master techniques that every student must do for a quintessential high school experience.

These tips will optimize your learning opportunities while preparing you in the best way possible for a bright future.

It is essential to lay a robust now to develop necessary and result-oriented habits in high school in Japan.

Have you ever pondered over what students studying in international schools in Tokyo do to maintain a wonderful high school experience? Let us explore.

Master Tips For An Ultimate High School Experience

1. Set Realistic Goals

Goal setting is a skill that nobody speaks about. Hence, the students take longer than usual to develop it as a skill.

Many leaders describe goal setting as an art that requires a student to recognize their work habits and develop a goal surrounding them.

The idea is to smartly set your goals to achieve a certain milestone. Bifurcate your tasks into manageable portions and hold yourself completely accountable for their completion.

The idea is to achieve any milestone with realistic and baby steps which let you think more clearly and efficiently.

2. Get The Hang Of Time Management Skills

Time management is one of the most efficient skills that you will learn. It helps you in all aspects of life.

From studying in school to working in the office, it is an essential skill that you must master on a personal as well as professional front.

As a student, you are required to build efficient study schedules and stick to them with determination.

Gradually, you shall develop the art of multitasking with ease and shall observe positive results out of the same.

Once you learn the skill of optimizing your time to the best use, you shall only experience success and earn great academic scores.

3. Identify Your Passion

High school is not only about textbooks and theoretical knowledge. Gone are the days when students used to sit in the classrooms and repeat every word that the teacher would say.

The international schools in Tokyo like Global Indian International School give immense importance to extracurricular activities just like studies.

Hence, the students need to explore and listen to their inner calling about what they like the most.

The Global Indian International School has specialized groups for each activity about music, dance, theatres, science, art, etc.

You can also metamorphose your passion into a profession if shown the right path. 

4. Attain Leadership Qualities

Another important technique that you must own before proceeding to a high school is to attain great leadership qualities.

If you are wondering what leadership qualities would make you best among the lot, then they are-

● Self-confidence

● Trustworthiness

● Authenticity

● Assertiveness

● Extrovert traits

● Enthusiasm

● Optimism

● Humility

● Great communication skills

● Good listening skills

● Decision making

● Hard work

Own up these skills and apply them to real-life to be a great leader in the future.

5. Build A Community

The best high schools in Japan like Global Indian International School foster students from various countries and cultures.

This is your chance to make the most of the opportunity where you can build a strong community of students who specialize in peculiar skills and help each other in academics as well as other cultural activities.

In this community, you can also build robust relations with your teachers and peers and connect with the desired mentors to build a strong support system within the school premises itself.

Apart from these 5 master tips, you can also incorporate the following techniques in your study routine to make your high school experience seamless.

Choose A Balanced Course Load

If you struggle with finding the right balance, then make your choices wisely. Know what is the right strike of the balance that you take up in any course.

Choose the challenging as well as fun to learn subjects that will help you balance the right cord.

Learn To Say “NO”

It is not essential to commit to everything that your professors or peers say.

Prioritize your task and only take responsibility for your availability to do it in time and efficiently.

If not, learn to say no. It will create a strong impact of your responsible characteristic upon your mates and they will appreciate you for coming upfront with your decision.


Self-care is extremely important. Do not take your mental and physical health for granted while juggling between your school and tuition.

Of course, you need to study and perform well but not at the cost of your health.

Hence, keep your priorities simple and make a proper timetable that will help you study as well as spend some leisure time at the things you like.

Eat healthy food and avoid any sort of caffeine or junk food for great health. Involve in exercise or a sport to keep up with your health and perform better.

Global Indian International School in Tokyo is one of the best schools that cater to the students’ needs in all horizons.

Enroll your child in GIIS if you are looking for a great education with a wide variety of scholarship options.

Take a virtual tour of the school or book a counseling session with our experts to make high school a seamless experience for your child.


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Isobel Lynn Lee

Ms. Isobel Lynn Lee holds a BSc. in Biological Sciences (Exeter), PGCE (Oxford), and M.Ed in educational leadership and policy from Monash University, Australia. The research in her Masters degree included how the IB Theory of Knowledge programme could be used as a platform for teaching sustainability and critical thinking. She leverages this when teaching IB Biology or working with students and teachers to support TOK and the IB World Studies extended essay. Her passions lie in the environment and equality and as a UN Global Schools Advocate she is working with the teachers and students to promote sustainability in the school. She is currently working as the Deputy Head of the International Curriculum at GIIS. Outside of work, she enjoys being with nature, observing the biodiversity of flora and fauna in Singapore through walking and volunteering.

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