What the Advantage of Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship

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May 24, 2021

The digital world that we live in today has made technology stand at the heart of education, making students tech-savvy very early in their lives. But education in itself has not lost importance. It is still one of the most essential and expensive assets to have. With the combination of both, students are now starting to have a natural inclination towards the understanding of gadgets, applications and other digital tools, making them proficient in the subject at a very young age. Most parents want this and more for their children but hold back because of various factors like the cost of such high-quality education. This is why the Hideki Yukawa scholarship was started.

What is the Hideki Yukawa scholarship?

Hideki Yukawa was a Japanese theoretical physicist. He was the first Japanese Nobel laureate for his prediction of the pi meson or pion. The Hideki Yukawa scholarship has been started for all device and gadget enthusiasts - it is for students who like creating and working with new technologies and have an aptitude for learning and understanding them.

Why does your child need a scholarship?

It is believed that scholarships are primarily designed only for students who are in dire need of financial assistance. Though education costs are high all around the world, a scholarship is beneficial to a student for several years following the receipt of the award. Young, tech-savvy students can look for the Hideki Yukawa Skills scholarship in Japan as it will recognise their talents in the field of digital space and encourage them to succeed. 

Here are a few major benefits of this scholarship:

Benefits of the Hideki Yukawa Scholarship

1. It Gives The Student Recognition

Getting a scholarship is no small thing. So when your child does get one, pat them on the back. There are thousands of applicants for a scholarship such as the Hideki Yukawa Skills scholarship so when they are recognised for their achievements, they get the confidence to pursue other goals. It becomes very important for young students to recognise their own potential early in their academic careers to help foster their growth. Receiving recognition in the form of a scholarship from their school helps students take this step.

2. It Makes You Stand Out

The Hideki Yukawa Skills scholarship is granted on the basis of merit, which means your child has stood out among peers at their school. Their talents are recognised by the scholarship and it is important that you know it too. When your child will apply for colleges or jobs in the future, this scholarship will be proof that they have at least one area in which they can distinguish themselves from their peers. 

3. It Helps To Prevent Debt

While all parents want their children to be educated in the best schools in Japan, international education costs money. Many parents get buried under debt for putting their children through school and college. This pressure could get to your children, thereby, limiting their academic growth. A scholarship takes away this pressure from you and your children, allowing your children to follow their dreams without worrying about money. According to the category your child falls into, the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarship can get you 6% - 19% off on tuition fees. 

4. It Gives You A Career Advantage Over Others

Earning a scholarship is prestigious. Since the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarship is granted on merit, getting one will leave a good impact on your child’s future college applications and employers. Mentioning the scholarships on a resume under accomplishments will make your child stand out from their peers during college and job searches. Scholarships make it easy for a resume to stand out. Being recognised by someone else for personal achievements is sometimes enough to get your child an interview with a college dean or future employer.

5. It Offers Extensive Support

The Hideki Yukawa Scholarship comes with benefits other than monetary. GIIS offers mentorship to help your child with the program. This extra support can be a massive help for any student every step of the way to help you achieve the very best results that they can. It also prolongs your child’s exposure to a diverse range of students from across the world, expanding their horizons and enabling them to see multiple perspectives that would not be possible anywhere else.

6. It Teaches Philanthropy

Children usually take a while to learn about thinking beyond their immediate surroundings and the importance of giving. Being at the receiving end of a scholarship that helps them to start their education journey, students with the Hideki Yukawa scholarship will learn very early in their lives that giving helps, and when the time comes, they should be prepared to give back to society as well.

7. It Recognises Excellence

Some students might be good at the predetermined curriculum that has been designed for each school. However, knowledge and talent cannot be judged by a single exam or curriculum. The Hideki Yukawa scholarship recognises additional interests and areas of excellence within the students, like their aptitude for robotics, mathematics, science and other subjects. 

The applicants can apply for the scholarship under 4 categories, and each of them requires different levels of excellence in Olympiads, the NTSE etc.

8. It Helps Students To Focus On Their Studies

Students or parents who cannot pay the entire tuition fee are known to either take up part-time jobs. Either the student takes it up themselves, or the parent does while the student helps them at home. This distracts your child from what their true focus should be and hinders them from reaching their full potential. The Hideki Yukawa scholarship frees you and your child from any distractions and allows them to give all their attention to their studies.


GIIS Tokyo believes that scholarships are an important stepping stone that allows students to create an impact in the education landscape. They provide deserving students with opportunities and encourage them to perform well, improving their performance till they meet high standards of excellence and quality. To know more and apply for the Hideki Yukawa scholarship, click here.


Annual Gross family income bracket (YEN)

Value of Scholarship
(Waiver on Tuition fees)


Below 3,000,000




















GIIS communications team

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